Best of luck to all the competitors heading to Calgary for the 2015 World Handball Championships.

"Dedicated to Handball"


Macsports are official suppliers of G.A.A. Approved Handballs and Handball Equipment in Ireland. Challenger handballs are manufactured in our premises in Dublin and distributed to local shops and NOW direct to you!

Macsports supply the Official Challenger Balls, Gloves & Eyeguards.  We also stock Owen Gloves, Pacer Eyeguards & Skybounce handballs.  Our Challenger 2, Dark Blue and 60x30 Balls are the Official Balls for competition - no other balls will be used!

Handball is great for Hand/Eye co-ordination and stamina. It is played by many G.A.A. professionals from other spheres as it benefits them in their own game.