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Macsports Handball – About Us

Macsports are official suppliers of G.A.A. Approved Handballs in Ireland.


Macsports Handball Distribution was started by Ger MacCormac Jr in 2003.

It runs from the same manufacturing premises where the Challenger Irish Handball range was developed over 20 years and is produced to this day.

Ger took over the ownership of S.R.C. Ltd in 2009.

As of 2014, Macsports Handball Distribution has been amalgamated into the Specialised Rubber Components Ltd family and will be known as S.R.C. Macsports.

We are a family business and our aim is to provide the best service possible to the Handball community. We have expert knowledge of the game and the balls used as we have been involved in Handball since the mid-eighties.


All of our Challenger handballs are manufactured in our premises in Dublin using natural rubber recipes which are created and produced on site for the sole purpose of making the best Handballs for all codes of Irish & International Handball. The evolution of the various Handballs used today was a product of years of research work carried out by S.R.C. LTD along with the finest Handball coaches and officials from all codes of the game.


For more information on the only Rubber Ball Manufacturing company in Ireland, take a look at the RTEjr website.  Wonder Why?! is a great program which shows how the Challenger range of Handballs are made in our factory.  The program documents everything from how raw rubber is mixed with our special recipes and made into each individual handball.  We have also featured on the RTE program Nationwide.  We were interviewed in relation to the game of Handball and how the One Wall game is growing within schools.   Another article from Michael McGee shows the origins of our company and how we have grown over the years.