Handball Information

There are three main codes of handball. They are dictated by the size of the Court used.

The most popular game is the 40×20 Game or “International” Game. This game is played by 2 (Single) or 4 (Double) people. Men use the International 40×20 Ball. While the Women use the “Official Challenger Dark Blue” version of this ball.

Our National Game is the 60×30 Game. Played in an outdoor alley, using the Pressurised “Official Challenger 60×30 Ball”, this game is usually played during the summer months from April until the beginning of October.

With huge promotion at home and abroad the game of One Wall handball has become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name suggests it is played against one wall and the court is marked out with chalk or lines. The balls used are the “Official Challenger One Wall Ball” which comes in blue or the Skybounce brand of One Wall balls which are available in Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green or Orange….. It’s your choice!