Our Products

International 40×20 Ball
For use in the 40×20 Alley.
Unpressurised Balls. Pack of 2.

Challenger Dark Blue  Ball

Official International Ball.

For use in the Youths/Women’s game in the 40×20 Alley.
Packaged under pressure.

Challenger 60×30 Ball

Official 60×30 Ball.

For use in the 60×30 Alley.
Sometimes called the Semi-Solid or the Alley Cracker.

This ball is pressurised and has a shelf life, so please contact us for more information or to sign up to our text alerts for the summer months. With Text Alerts, you will be notified when a fresh batch of Challenger 60×30 balls have been produced.

Challenger 1, 2, 3

We have designed and manufactured a range of Children’s balls, for all aspects of learning.

Challenger 1 ball is designed for young children (ages 7+)

Challenger 2 ball is perfect for ages 13+ who are aiming to play the 40×20 game. The Official Ball for Junior Nationals

Challenger 3 ball is aimed at any Youth’s who are hoping to move into the 60×30 game.  The Official Ball for Junior Nationals

Challenger One Wall Ball.

Challenger One Wall Ball is for use in the One Wall game.

Challenger Handball Gloves

Challenger Handball Gloves.

Challenger Gloves come in a range of sizes and colours for either Children or Adults.

Youth’s Glove Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.  (All Padded)
Adults Glove Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Adult gloves are available in both Padded and Unpadded.

Owen Gloves

owen-glovesThe ever popular Owen Range of Gloves

Youth’s Glove sizes are: Small, Medium and Large.
They have a variety of colours.
These gloves are unpadded.

Adult Glove sizes are: X Small, Small, Medium, Large,X Large
These gloves are available in both Padded and Unpadded.