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Challenger International “21” Ball

1International 40×20 Ball
The International 40×20 Ball for use in the 40×20 Alley.
Packaged under pressure.

Dark Blue (Ladies 40×20) Ball

dark-blue-pic-smallThe Dark Blue Ball. For use in the Youths/Women’s game in the 40×20 Alley.
This is the OFFICIAL Ball for this Code.
Packaged under pressure.

Challenger 60×30 Ball

Challenger-60x30The Challenger 60×30 ball for use in the 60×30 Alley.
Sometimes called the Semi-Solid or the Alley Cracker.
This ball is pressurised and has a shelf life, so please contact us for more information or to sign up to our text alerts for the summer months. With Text Alerts, you will be notified when a fresh batch of Challenger 60×30 balls have been produced.

No.1, No.2, No.3

childrensWe have designed and manufactured a range of Children’s balls, for all aspects of learning. The Challenger 1 ball is designed for young children (ages 7+) The Challenger 2 ball is perfect for ages 13+ who are aiming to play the 40×20 game. The Official Ball for Junior Nationals The Challenger 3 ball is aimed at any Youth’s who are hoping to move into the 60×30 game.

Challenger One Wall Ball.

one-wallThis Ball is for use in the One Wall game. We have Skybounce Balls available in a variety of colours


owen-glovesThe ever popular Owen Range of Gloves are an expanding line.
Youth’s Glove sizes are: Small, Medium and Large.
They have a variety of colours.
These gloves are unpadded.
Adult Glove sizes are: X Small, Small, Medium, Large,X Large
These gloves are available in both Padded and Unpadded.


challenger-glovesWe supply the Challenger Handball Glove. The Challenger Gloves come in a range of sizes and colours for either Children or Adults.
Youth’s Glove sizes are: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.
Adults Glove sizes are: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
All gloves are available in both Padded and Unpadded.